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The Organization of Fifth Maintenance Office, Directorate General of Highways is down below:
Five Work Sections: Public Works Section,Maintenance Section,Planning Section,Production Management Section and Work Safety Section.
Two Centers: Quality Inspection Center and Traffic Mangement and Control Center.
Four Offices: Office of Secretariat,Office of Accounting,Office of Personnel and Office of Government Ethic ection,Shuishang Public Works Section,Xinying Public ...


  • November,1945

    After the Recession of Taiwan , the Bureau of Public Works was founded on November 14th in 1945 .

  • May,1947

    On May 16th in 1947, the Bureau of Public Works was reorganized into the Provincial Department...

  • July,1999

    The department has been reorganized from the central government since July 1st, 1999 and renamed as “The Fifth District Office of the Bureau of Highways.

  • 2002~

    The agency has renamed itself as the “Fifth Maintenance Office, Directorate General of Highways, M.O.T.C...