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After the Recession of Taiwan, the Bureau of Public Works was founded on November 14th in 1945 to be in charge of highway engineering, river management and flood control, sewerage, construction management and urban planning of the state. Bureau of Public Works set up the Highway Engineering Group to take full responsibility for the highway engineering business.
On May 16th in 1947, the Bureau of Public Works was reorganized into the Provincial Department of Construction of the Taiwan Provincial Government.
In October 1949, the Bureau of Public Works followed the order to incorporate the Department of Public Works to the Bureau of Highways, under the transportation office of the Taiwan Provincial Government and set up five district project offices throughout Taiwan to handle highway maintenance and new construction projects.
This department was established in the first month of the lunar new year of 1952 and it was affiliated with the Bureau of Highways of the Taiwan Provincial Government’s Traffic Department.
In the beginning, there were only two public works sections in Shuishang in Chiayi County and Dounan in Yunlin County. With the vigorous promotion of the national infrastructure, the road traffic network has become increasingly dense. In order to meet the maintenance needs of the roads, this department has successively established 4 new public works sections including Xinying, Xinhua, Zengwun and Ali Mountain, as well as Yunlin and Jiatai Public Works Offices.
Then, in coordination with the government’s meticulous operations, the “The Provisional Regulations on Functional Business and Organization Adjustment of Taiwan Provincial Government”, this department has been reorganized from the central government since July 1st, 1999 and renamed as “The Fifth District Office of the Bureau of Highways, Ministry of Transportation and Communications”.
Due to the release of the “General Principles of Organization of Maintenance Engineering Offices of Highways”, the agency has renamed itself as the “Fifth Maintenance Office, Directorate General of Highways, M.O.T.C and implemented it on January 30th, 2002.
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