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Organization Chart

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The Fifth Maintenance Office-Organization Chart


The Fifth Maintenance Office, Directorate General of Highways has one Director,two Deputy Directors and one Supervising Engineer. The Organization of Fifth Maintenance Office, Directorate General of Highways is down below:

Organization category unit
Five Work Sections Public Works Section、Maintenance Section、Planning Section、Production Management Section and Work Safety Section
One Center Traffic Management and Control Center
Four Offices Office of Secretariat、Office of Accounting、Office of Personnel and Office of Government Ethics
Six Public Works Sections Dounan Public Works Section、Shuishang Public Works Section、Xinying Public Works Section、Xinhua Public Works Section、Zengwun Public Works Section and Ali Mountain Public Works Section
Four Supervision Stations Shizhuo Supervision Station、Ruili Supervision Station、Fanlu Supervision Station and Zhonglun Supervision Station
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